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Interested in joining the SAC family? Apply now for the 2019-2020 semester! 

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Link to SAC pdf Application: SAC Application (2019-2020)

Interested in running for Student Delegate?

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Apply here: (2019-2020) Student Delegate Application Form (Revised 1.16.18)

A message from our Green Menu Day Committee: 

“Hey guys!
SFUSD wants YOUR feedback on Green Menu Day! The Green Menu Day Committee and the SAC wants to address another big issue that contributes to global warming: our dietary choices. Consuming food lower on the food chain uses less land, energy, water, and creates less pollution (by transportation and by animal’s means of farting which release methane). We would like to start small by promoting eating plant based meals only once a week and would like your feedback to this proposal!
You will notice each school have its own provided link, so please click your designated school.” 


SFUSD SAC 16th Annual Youth Summit

Come join us on March 22nd, 2019 for a student leadership conference! Connect with other high school student leaders in San Francisco and gain new leadership skills.

For more information, click the “project” tab.

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